Why Golf is the best sport

Golf is a simple sport which is played by hitting balls using clubs into a series of holes. The sport is easily learned and unlike other games, golf does not require a certain set playing area but rather a fencing area which can be easily achieved through quality fencing services by Fences Ipswich. Golf playing only requires a green course area known as the fairway. Players can also play as many holes as they would like to although a standard course consists of either nine or eighteen holes and each of the holes is specific in its arrangement.

Golfers come in all size and therefore for one to play, they do not have to be either tall or short. All body types can succeed at the game and therefore an athletic body or height which is a requirement for most sports is not an important factor in golfing. The sport does not have an age limit and therefore individuals from all age groups can be can participate because it easy to adopt the sport the dynamics. Tiger Woods who is a renowned player started playing at a very young age because golf accommodates children and the aged who would likely not be able to participate in other sports

Individuals who want to spend time alone can do so when playing golf. The sport has a runner’s high on an uncrowded course where individuals can walk quietly around and proceed at their own pace. Players who arrive alone at the course but prefer playing in a group can easily join other groups due to the friendliness of the environment. Golf clubs are one of the best places for meeting potential future friends and business partners.

Golf is a good bonding platform for families and friends because unlike other sports which do not allow eating and drinking, golf is a laid-back sport which provides a platform where individuals can bond over drinks and snacks while playing and chatting. Golfing is also one of the best ways to spend summer days outdoors with friends because the course is usually beautiful.

Golf offers a wondrous variety and plenty of different game formats. Players can play Stableford, medal, Texas scramble, greensomes or foursomes. The sport also provides a variety of ways in which players can score and therefore, it is never boring. Golf courses also come in different types which include Desert, Heather, Parklands and links courses. Therefore, there is always something for everyone

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