My summer playing Golf – Advantages Of Playing Golf

It is an undeniable fact that sports have become a favorite pastime of people in the modern society. The most popular are ball games, especially when played by teams, as manifested by the active participation of fans during basketball, football, and volleyball games. The same is true when discussing World Cup tournaments where rabid football fanatics from European, African, Latin American and Asian countries attend in groups to watch their compatriots play in an exciting manner.
Nowadays, golf is receiving its fair share of attention. This game can be played by a single individual or a team. If you want to know how famous it is, you only need to see the number of sponsors the golfers have on their shirts and bags. Even advertisers are raring to get a piece of the action.
The goal is so simple that even a child could do it. A player, or more fondly known as a golfer, aims to hit the ball in a hole. From a teeing box, he will carry out a long distance shot or a drive. From there, he will utilize an assortment of strikes, like a layup, an approach, a green or a putt so that the ball will enter the hole. To the ordinary reader, this will seem like an easy task. However, when you factor in the wrath of Mother Nature like heavy winds, strong rains, and even the occasional thunderstorm, you will definitely be up for a challenge. If you think it is hard, just imagine what professional players have to go through when every shot they make is being applauded or booed by a legion of fans and critics.
However, despite the challenges in this particular sport, more and more people are still interested in being great at it. This comes as no surprise because it offers many advantages. Read on for the advantages that may be derived in playing golf this summer.
The first advantage is that it can be a good physical workout for the body. When one swings his club and hits the ball, he stretches his side muscle. With the proper body mechanics, he becomes more flexible and tones his upper body quite well. Golf is also a great cardiovascular exercise especially if one chooses to walk briskly from one hole to another.
Second, one can socialize with his peers while playing the game, thereby inducing moments of rest and relaxation. It takes the mind of a person to a different level, leaving all his cares and worries behind in the office or at home. The green fairway is also a perfect way to meditate because it can bring rejuvenation to the tired and weary soul.
If you are an entrepreneur, a round of golf can serve as a good start in negotiating business deals. Actually, many high-level career executives prefer commencing and closing their transactions while in the middle of the game. Therefore, if you want to be with the best, brush up on your golfing skills right now.
The third advantage of playing golf is it can inculcate virtues of patience, hard work, and prudence. It is not merely a physical game that requires brawn. It is also a mental game that requires careful analysis and consideration, especially in choosing the clubs to be used, in assessing the weather condition and in taking note of the perfect time to tee.

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