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Sports are always a good form of entertainment. Present days are hectic. People remain busy for almost all the day in search of bread and butter. In this busy schedule it’s very easy to forget about your health and fitness. But for those who are conscious, golf can be great source of workout. There are a bunch of reasons why you should play golf.

Reduce heart problems: Any kind of exercise is pretty much beneficial to your health and for the heart also. It helps to burn your extra calories, and the walking, swinging also increase your heart rate and blood flow. As a result, your heart is getting stronger naturally day by day. Even if you play it for thirty minutes to one hour it helps to lower your blood pressure gradually. So play golf and make your heart strong.

Reducing your stress: Playing golf will be helpful to freshen up your mind. It will help you to release endorphins which are natural and powerful drugs for your brains that basically make you relax and stress-free.

Good for brain: When someone plays golf, his heart rate increases and blood flows into the brain which helps to improve the nerve cells.  This is a proven way to delay any kind of mental illness like dementia. While playing with the other competitors, challenges boosts confidence and self-esteem and also improves strategy. Fostering hand-eye coordination will keep the brain active in logical functions.

Train up your vision: playing golf will help a lot to train your vision because you have to play with a little white ball in a large area. So it is needed to zoom in the total ground and where you want to put the ball.


Better night’s sleep: During the sleeping time our bodies heals the most and regenerate cells and repairs any kind of damaged muscles and tissues. For your better night’s sleep, golf will help you a lot because while you play you have to walk, lugging your bag, prepping and swinging, as a result your body gets tired. This kind of tiredness helps a lot to fall asleep soon.



Low-risk of injury: Although golf provides a lot of physical activity like walking, swinging and pivoting to keep the muscles engaged but comparatively it is the less risky sport because it’s a game of strategy, coordination, and accuracy.

Burns calories: A golf course covers almost 30 to 200 acres. That means a lot of walking if you avoid the golf cart. This helps a lot to burn you calories. In a single game any player can burn minimum 1000 calories if he walks carrying the bag.

Exposure of the full course: Golf courses can be as large as 200 acres which require players to be outdoors. When someone is basking in nature, it provides many benefits to our body and mind.

Stay fit: Finally, if anyone wants to stay fit, he can play golf in his leisure time to freshen up his mind and can be fit all the time.

With more physical exercise and less risk of injury, golf is a super alternative for you.

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