The Dark Side of Golfing and The Solutions

Golf is an awesome game. There are lots of good things playing golf. But it has some bad effects too. Today we will talk about the negative sides of golf and their solutions. But first, let’s have a look at the positive ones.

The Bright Part

Better Heart

Any kind of physical exercise is good for health. It helps the blood to pump into your heart. Golf is also a good form of physical exercise. During an 18-hole round, a golf player will have an average rate of 100 beats per minute over a two to five hour period.

Sharp Brain

Golfing strengthens brain’s memory circuits. Walking or jogging through the golf course, keeping physically active is a great way to keep the brain healthy.

Fit Body

The golden number for losing weight is ten thousand steps. An 18-hole round easily exceeds this recommended number, especially by not using golf cart.

Stress-free Mind

The pleasure of walking in the fresh air and socializing releases endorphins, the natural mood enhancing chemicals in brain, which make a golfer happy and relaxed.

Sound Sleep

Sleep is very important in everyone’s life. Workouts in fresh air is a very powerful tool for improved sleep. Regular exercise helps you sleep earlier and remain in a deep sleep longer. Sleep helps your muscle rest and repair.


Golfing will make you travel many places. Traveling is good for health.

Long Life

It is found in different studies that golfers have a 40% lower death rate.


The Dark Part

As already noted, golf also has some bad effects. Foot injuries are the most common type of all of them.

Common Issues

During the golf swing the body of a golfer acts like a whip, power production starts with the feet pushing against the ground. Each foot moves differently during a golf swing. This motion can lead to various types of foot injuries.

Lower back pain and stiffness in the back and neck are usually caused by the twisted motion of golf swing as the shoulders rotate around the hips. This twisting of torso in a circular fashion can put enormous pressure on the vertebrae, muscles and ligaments of the spine.

Inflammation of arm joints and swelling of the tissue around the joints are simply symptoms of over-use especially when playing on hard surfaces.

Knee problems like inflammation or pain in the knees are caused by twisting motion of golf swing and sometimes by walking in ill-fitting shoes.

Image result for golf feet

Foot injuries

Heel pain

This problem occurs due to excessive pronation in the feet.


This type of pain occurs in the fore foot region.

Morton’s Neuroma

Inflammation of the nerve in between the metatarsal’s occurs. This can be very painful for the golfers.


Inflammation of the tendon runs along the arch region. This is a common golf injury as the foot can be placed under excessive pressure during the golf swing.


This problems can be solved by the help of a professional Podiatrist. A professional golfer should always ensure that they are paying attention to their body in the event there are foot issues from walking many hours per round.


Golf is a very good game to play. But like all the good things golfing has some bad sides. But they are curable. Happy Golfing!

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